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From humble beginnings as members of the Staffordshire and Shropshire Land Rover Club Rover-Rescue Unit, and now an independent charity (since 2004), we provide a wide range of specialist services & skills to help your community during a crisis and we need like-minded volunteers to help continue this work.

These specialist skills include effective missing person searching in rural and urban lowland environments, first aid and casualty care, map reading and navigation, 4×4 driving in adverse conditions, aircraft crash site management, radio communications, missing person behaviour, and a host of other essential skills. 

SSART is a Full Member of the Association of Lowland Search Rescue (ALSAR), and by mutual agreement, associate members of the Mountain Rescue (England & Wales). The membership of ALSAR is essential in that it provides its teams National recognition, credibility and support including representation in Parliament to promote further the work of volunteer search & rescue Teams in the UK. Indeed, the Association of Chief Police Officers names member teams of ALSAR and Mountain Rescue as the only authorised providers of missing person search & rescue in the UK.

We have been used to locate missing despondents on open farm land and inner city housing estates, transporting paramedics to casualties during adverse snow and ice, and transporting evacuated residents through flooded streets all within Staffordshire.

We have also been called upon to assist with the severe flooding of Hereford & Gloucestershire during the summer of 2007 to move essential supplies and personnel through flood water with 4x4s and to provide additional support to Police in Warrington during a major warehouse fire.

Every member of SSART is a volunteer and the team is funded entirely through donations from the public and local business’.

The key asset of SSART is its flexibility and an ever present willingness to help.

Through understanding what each member is able to offer in skills, qualifications and experience we are able to build a membership base that we know will meet the challenges that are placed upon us.

Our membership is made of people who wish to be able to give something back to the local community.  What better way than to assist our local emergency services in times of need when they are at their most stretched. 

From this, SSART is committed to build a highly skilled team able to assist with the up most professional manner. Our goal is to be the team in which others wishing to work with the use as a role model and benchmark.