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More information can be found below or within our membership information pack here:  Membership information pack

All team members are dedicated volunteers and give up a lot of their own valuable time to provide a service to the emergency services.  There are a number of roles within the team including: helping on fundraising events, searching for missing people, planning and managing searches,  or leading teams on searches.  So if you want to become a volunteer there is sure to be a role in the team that suits you. 

Being a member of SSART can be very rewarding and is a great way to meet new like-minded people. 

Worried about your fitness level but still want to help?  Then why not join as a support member or offer to raise funds for the team? Search technicians are required to walk 5 miles, carrying kit, within two hours and over rough terrain.          

Search Technician role: 

Search technicians are tasked with searching various locations to locate missing people. You will be required to be a Search Technician (ST) to be considered for one of our specialist teams, such as the mountain bike, dog handler or water rescue teams.  

Training is organised on a regular basis and all search technicians are required to participate in the core subjects. As far as possible training is conducted locally but it may be necessary to travel out of the immediate area. 

New members who successfully pass a selection day (held annually) will be expected to attend an induction training programme, to prepare them for the Search Technician’s Course. The induction starts approximately 15 weeks prior to each ST course and you will be expected to attend at least 75% of the induction programme.

The mandatory Search Technicians Course is run once a year and is paid for by you.

All team members are expected to attend fundraising events.

Search Technician membership of Lowland Rescue is open to any person aged 18+ with good fitness (able to comfortably walk 5 miles over mixed terrain within 2 hours) able to participate in weekly training & with your own transport.

Support members:

There are many other ways that you could assist the team, so, if lowland search or 4×4 driving is not your thing, how about assisting with fund-raising, publicity, website updates, assisting search managers, hiding for our search dogs or maintaining essential equipment?

As an Operational Support member your role would be to help at the base camp during searches.  It might be something as simple as putting a brew on for teams returning from a search, or helping the search manager with duties within the camp.

Fundraising is essential to keeping the team operational, so fundraising events are ongoing throughout the year.  If you feel you want to support the team by helping raise funds with collecting then please click the register interest button above. 

If you would like to know more about the team or discuss membership we urge you to contact our Personnel Officer who can give you a much greater understanding of what we do and how you can help